Computer is a very useful tool in our lives. Everyday we use it for work and entertainment. But along with our daily using of the computer, all kinds of computer problems may come out in front of us. Have you ever faced this kind of situation: when you are doing some important work, watching a splendid movie or playing an interesting game, your computer suddenly shut down automatically itself without any reason? This is a typical problem when using computers in our daily lives. When it happens, what should we do? Most of us are not computer experts and we don’t know what to do at all to get our computers back the good status. But please don’t worry, if you happen to be the one feeling helpless in this situation, this article will help you by providing some feasible solutions to fix the problem.


The possible reasons that may cause your computer shutdown automatically and how they can be properly solved

1, The overheating of the CPU caused by inefficient radiating inside the computer. It may be affected by the air temperature or the low performance of the CPU fan which is likely to be caused by the lack of silicone grease. This will result in the automatic shut down of the computer. It is recommended that you can check the system temperature to see whether it’s normal. The shell of the CPU fan should be fixed on the CPU firmly to get a good performance of radiating, especially if the screws of the fan are loose, the computer will shut down automatically to protect the CPU.

2, Memory stick reason. When the contact between memory stick and motherboard is loosen, it may lead to the computer automatically shut down. It’s recommended to check the memory stick and make sure it’s seated in the slot of the motherboard steadily. Meanwhile you can try to wipe the contact point of the memory stick because sometimes the dust may lead to bad contact.

3Power failure. Power supply is an important part of the computer. If the power supply is not strong or steady enough it can cause the automatic shutdown of computer. This may happen when the power supply module has work too long time without any rest therefore don’t let your computer work continuously all the time. Beside, if the voltage of your house is not steady enough then your computer may also shutdown automatically. In that case, you need to buy a voltage stabilizer in order to get steady voltage for your computer as well as your other electrical appliance. For those who use computer for important work with sensitive data, it’s recommended to get a UPS device running along with your computer.

4The virus infection or software conflict can also be the reason that lead to the automatic shutdown of computer. Once your computer is infected by virus such as trojans or malware, they will make your computer out of control and force it shutdown or reboot automatically. Recently there is a popular virus BackDoor.Hupigon5.CJNL and Trojan:Win32/Alureon.FO spreading fast all over the world. Except making your computer shut down automatically, this kind of virus will also attack your programs and files, block the internet visit, and steal your important private information, there this virus should be removed immediately before it wreaks chaos. To avoid the virus, it recommend that you should follow the tips here: Be cautious when clicking links. It can point your browser to download threats or visit malicious web site.
Do not download unknown "free" software. Avoid opening unknown e-mail attachments.

5Too many dust inside your computer. In this case, you will need to disassemble your computer and clean it inside to get rid of the dust. This work must be done carefully otherwise you may damage the fragile hardware within your computer. It’s recommended to clean it in professional computer repair shop.

6Some smart motherboards have the function of automatic shutdown to protect your computer from situations that may lead to physical damages on your hardware. You can check the user guide of your computer to figure it out or contact the dealer in time for help.

Note: This article just offers some possible reasons that may cause your computer shutdown automatically and relative solutions as a reference for you. If you haven’t got the problem solved after trying the above solutions, please seek for technical help from computer experts.